Marriage & Family Counseling

Who needs marriage counseling? There's an expression "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts". Healthy individuals make up healthy families. One individual in the family affects other parts of the family - just as one affected part of our body can affect the other parts of our body. Marriage and family therapy helps to sort through the many issues families struggle with.

With so much chaos and struggle happening outside of the home, it is so important that the home be stable, safe and a "sanctuary." Does that mean perfect? No, there are no perfect families, no perfect moms, dads, brothers or sisters. Struggles and conflicts in families are normal... while families aren't perfect they can learn, grow and heal from any hurts created.

There may be a need to deal with conflict in new ways, and better understand one another. Siblings may fight and compete with one another. Spouses may struggle with shared parenting roles. Someone may feel like the black sheep or sense that treatment is favored toward one child or not strict enough for another.

​Marriage problems are part of life. It is a comfort to have an unbiased objective third person in marriage counseling and family counseling to coach and encourage new patterns and different ways to work through differences. Start counseling soon and experience healthier happier relationships.