Common experiences are encountered by both children and adults. ADD and ADHD Symptoms include:

• Restlessness, fidgeting, squirming, general difficulty in staying seated.

• Easily distracted by other activities or the environment.

• Talks excessively

• Blurts out answers out of turn or before the question is completely stated.

• Has difficulty with organization

• Struggles with staying on task.

• Waiting is a chore.

• Social awkwardness and poor social skills can lead to alienation from peers.

ADD/ADHD has been misdiagnosed, overlooked or denied. A variety of counseling can be tried, often with successful outcomes.

At times medication is necessary. Some children are medicated too soon even before counseling is given adequate time. ADHD medication is not always necessary however some children are in need and once their system metabolizes their lives can dramatically change. Adult ADD and adult ADHD are treatable and growth and change are possible - it's never too late.

So counseling is a must and medication may be an option. Often both are the best course of action to provide the individual optimal care.