Verbal abuse

Mental abuse

Emotional abuse

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

Experiences of verbal, mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse create pain and require attention, understanding and healing. Moving through the pain caused by such experiences is possible rather than merely coping or burying emotions like hurt, anger and resentment.

Pain is the evidence of an injury. The wounds created by injuries come from the presence of “bad things” in one’s life. Injury and wounds also come from the absence of “good things” like nurturing, encouragement, having basic needs met, etc. 

God never meant for us to carry pain and trauma from our past. While healing needs to occur from past wounds, it is also important to find new awareness, insights and learn new ways to guard our hearts and mind in the present and future.

While there may be a remembrance of situations and circumstances we’ve experienced, there can be a present peace in our hearts and minds regarding our past.